A Chance Meeting With Celebrity Helps Weight Loss Diarist Jill Sherer Murray Alter Her Body Image

I was rummaging through my office files the other day, when I came across some old posts from my Shape Magazine days. This is one of the Weight Loss Diary bonus entries I made for online readers in 2008, month eight of my twelve-month odyssey. I’d almost forgotten about this particular brush with greatness. Check it out and let me know if you remember this lady. She’s a real icon—then and now! 

A Chance Meeting With Celebrity Helps Weight Loss Diarist Jill Sherer Murray Alter Her Body Image

Last week, Ali MacGraw told me I was beautiful. I went with my friend Joan Cantwell to New Mexico for a writing conference. Before it started, we killed a few days in Santa Fe, where the star of such classic films as Love Story lives. After a Swedish massage and breakfast of egg whites and blue tortillas, Joan and I stepped into an exclusive little boutique. I immediately plucked a silk sheath dress from the 75 percent-off rack and headed for the dressing room.

There, I found Joan in the dressing room, and Ali MacGraw sitting with the owner chatting. I tried hard not to squeal, “OH MY GOD, YOU’RE ALI MACGRAW!” and instead, went quivering into an empty changing room.

When I came out (wearing a delicate earth-toned frock, black sneakers and white sweatsocks), MacGraw addressed me: “Those colors look magnificent on you! Wait, let me get you a scarf!” The salesperson moved on cue.

As I scowled at my own reflection, MacGraw continued. “Look at you, you’re beautiful!” And, for once in my life, I let myself believe it.

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