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5 Inspirational TED Talks Every Woman Needs to Watch

As published by ALANA – MAE on JUNE 18, 2018 at BLOGGINGGIRLDAILY.COM I came across TED Talks during a time where I was reading books on success, around late 2017. I know how outdated and irrelevant some people may say these seminars are, but I couldn’t disagree with them more. Even though some of these talks […]

EPIPHANY: When Letting Go Leads to Love

As published by ELISE BALLARD AND JILL SHERER MURRAY in February, 2018 at ELISEBALLARD.COM I met Jill, the author of this epiphany story, when she interviewed me for her a book she’s writing about Letting Go. She specifically wanted to know from me how I would suggest cultivating epiphanies when you know you need to let go […]