Millions of women struggle with whether to stay in a loveless marriage, a bad relationship, or give up on dating altogether. They believe love isn’t in the cards.

You may be struggling with a similar decision yourself. Perhaps you’re terrified of being single, and yet you don’t truly feel you’re living the life you want.

Let me show you how letting go can free you from a life that isn’t serving you.

I’m Jill Sherer Murray – author, blogger, coach, and founder of Let Go For It®. My mission: helping women let go for a better life. I also coach and consult with business leaders on how to let go and communicate effectively.

My TEDx Talk, The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go has been viewed by millions; it tells the story of how letting go opened the door to attract the life and love I wanted.

Through my story, other women’s stories, surprising facts and statistics, and helpful exercises, Big Wild Love will show you the way back to the self you’ve lost. It will put you on the path to change and teach you that, wherever you are, it’s never too late to start anew and find the Big Wild Love you deserve.


“Readers who find themselves stuck in bad relationships or situations will savor Murray’s advice, as it’s relatable and easy to put into practice.”

– Library Journal

“Journalist and life coach Jill Sherer Murray’s excellent debut provides women a road map for personal growth, development, and pursuit of romantic love… Her empowering guide will be ideal for fans of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.”

– Publisher’s Weekly

“Murray describes a 6-step process that she believes can bring people through the “tunnel of pain” and into the light of their own “Big Wild Love”… advice on how to move beyond unfulfilling relationships.”

– Kirkus Reviews


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“If you’re feeling paralyzed in your life, if you’re wanting to make a change or are ready to realize your own self worth, then pick up this book! I know many women are at a crossroad in their life and their relationship and could use a good kick in the butt delivered with humor, wit and tough love which Murray delivers.”

Big Wild Love will help you get back to the best version of you. So many women need to read this book!”

“This book is a great read for someone who is at a turning point and is interested in making life changing decisions about their future.”

“Jill Sherer Murray’s message sounds so inspirational and like what a lot of girls need to hear: it’s never too late to start again and find the love you deserve.”

“An amazing companion to someone that needs to let a relationship go and it having a difficult time.”

“This book is a manifesto for learning to love yourself after a bad relationship.”

“With warmth and honesty, Murray shows you how letting go – of feeling stuck, afraid, and alone, and of believing what you’ve got is all you deserve – can free you from a life that isn’t serving you.”