Let Go For Better Business

Let Go For Better Business

Many businesses struggle to educate and engage audiences in a way that moves them closer to achieving their goals. While those tasked with the job of communicating may have the best of intentions, they often lack the two key things they need to be successful: The adequate internal resources (e.g., time, money, or staff) and/or professional expertise (e.g., they’re not communications specialists by trade). 

That’s where Jill Sherer Murray can help. 

A TEDx speaker and influencer, and an award-winning journalist, corporate communicator, author, blogger, consultant, and facilitator, Jill’s been honing her craft for decades—mastering the art and science of communications and progressive best practices to help companies get results. Some of the work she’s done for clients includes:

  • Educating employees on their benefits for Trion Group client companies 
  • Marketing to coaches, athletic trainers, sports nutritionists, physicians, and other key influencers for Gatorade. 
  • Developing co-worker communications for IKEA.
  • Delivering consumer-response training for PepsiCo.
  • Writing scripts for online learning for the former Hewitt Associates.
  • Writing a monthly column for the popular Shape Magazine. 
  • Developing internal brands for companies like Wawa and NFI Industries, to name a few. 
  • Writing content for websites like Webvet.com, Trioncommunications.com, and Wildriverreview.com. 
  • And more!

Whether you want to drive awareness, sales, change, action, participation, or culture, Jill’s simple process for communicating effectively will help you get where you want to go. Allow her to show you her winning approach, so you can take your business results to the next level together.



Jill helps companies develop effective communications strategies for reaching audiences in a way that both resonates for them and delivers results for the organization. This includes defining the broader objective as well as the right approach, including tactics, media, messaging, measures, and timing.


Need help with strategic execution? No problem, Jill can write and edit whatever comes next, project managing along the way. From postcards, posters, infographics, flyers, brochures, and newsletters, to longer-form copy like white papers, web content, e-books, lead magnets, and more, she’ll make it happen. She can also coordinate design services if needed.


Jill’s done all types of speaking and facilitation throughout the course of her career. She’ll conduct a needs assessment and then customize her approach to deliver the training your audience needs–whether that’s motivation to get where they need to go or help becoming more effective writers and strategists, letting go for better ways of crafting content and communicating in general.

“Jill’s passion for communications is infectious and I’ve seen how clients light up when she starts talking. Jill is very skilled in helping them use good communications strategy to solve business problems.”

“Jill has an amazing strategic vision and an in-depth understanding of key audiences, making her an extremely effective communicator. Jill is also a talented and effective business writer, who lights up a room with humor and ease.

“Jill would give any project or client a creative edge combined with smart thinking. She is a great writer, energetic and a pleasure to work with. Jill could make the most straightforward information sounds intriguing and lively.”

“Jill is a highly creative and talented writer who bring pizazz and personality to everything she works on. As important, she’s a strategic thinker with a strong mind for business. Jill is an absolute delight to work with — full of energy, passion, and personality. She’s extremely professional and conscientious of costs and deadlines.”

“Here’s what you get in Jill: A wonderful working partner who brings enthusiasm, sophisticated communications strategy and execution skills, an ultra-funny sense of humor, and a caring spirit.”

“Jill is an extremely talented writer, presenter, strategic program developer and leader in marketing communications who gets things done. She makes complicated information approachable and understandable. And she always exceeds expectations.”

“Jill is a gifted communicator and extremely creative. And, she keeps things fun. She would be a great asset to any company who’s looking for more than the basic, conservative (i.e., boring) communication style.”

“Jill is smart, very sharp, and a great coach and writer. I’ve engaged Jill for several different projects, ranging from working with us to educate Intranet publishers on the basics of good Web writing, to helping us overhaul our (IKEA) HR information. She impresses me every time. She’s a real pro!”

“I edited Jill’s Weight Loss Diary for Shape magazine. Her humor and conversational tone brought a fresh voice to the column and drew in readers of a wide age range, from young adult to 100+. Her dedication to the project was an inspiration to many, and she was a joy to work with.”

“Jill turned HR Summary Plan Descriptions into normal people speak for our website. She’s not only creative, experienced, and fun, but she researched, wrote and delivered over 50 pages of quality copy that was just right for our target audience.”

“Jill Sherer Murray has helped me ghostwrite books for clients, on business, health, finance, and real estate. A bestselling author myself, I know good work–and talent–when I see it. She is a quick study, a deft researcher, and a highly skilled wordsmith who can nail the work with little direction. I know that when I assign her a project, it’s going to get the professional overhaul it needs.”

“Jill is a conscientious and thoughtful writer. She is well organized, always meets deadlines and is a real go-getter.”

“Jill not only wrote crisp, accurate copy, she also supervised other writers on the project who found her skilled as a mentor and as a communicator. Jill produced excellent-quality work, on time and on budget. Her work was also highly creative.”

“We have Jill Sherer to thank for a computer-based training program that, while educational, is also accessible, non-techie and fun. She has brought a fresh style of writing that makes this course a lot more engaging to associates than many of our other [projects].”

“Jill is exceptionally bright and able to understand complex issues and process information to a level appropriate to her audience. Her writing demonstrates her ability to gather, verify, and merge information from various sources into a cohesive, well structured, and entertaining article.”

“Jill is a creative and versatile writer, who also has the ability to coordinate work flow, inspire and energize her team, and turn in complicated projects on time. I highly recommend her.”

“Jill’s creative, straightforward, and upbeat teaching style took our seminar series designed to help employees understand the Gatorade science to a new level of effectiveness.”

“Jill is a true expert at her craft. Her enthusiasm, passion, and sense of humor is contagious and she receives high marks for her ability to train all levels of employees. We have seen a drastic improvement in the quality of response to our consumers, how do we know… they write back to tell us!”

“Jill really captured the audience’s attention at our recent Editors’ Workshop with her practical tips, relatable vernacular, and candid approach. I’ve already received several comments from attendees that her suggestions on how to write better editorials have come in handy.”

“You crushed it yesterday. Thanks for jumping into our little project. You truly pushed the completion up by several weeks! Thanks for spreading your talent.”

Sally Prather, National Practice Leader