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Sometimes, you just need to let go of everything. The laundry. The dishes. The dust on the baseboards. The emails and texts and social media posts that need a response. The noise in your brain. Overachieving. Closet cleaning. Validation seeking. Good sense.

I could go on and on and on – and I’m tempted – with the overwhelming list of things that need attention on a daily basis. I mean, I didn’t even get to the maintenance of toilet paper, muscle tone, relationships, dog food, and wayward facial hairs (yes, me Tarzan, you Jane).

Which is why I’m advocating for a break from it all. A day, a week, an hour where you simply let go of everything, so you can find your way back to sanity. To simply thinking and doing nothing else. Or whatever else it is that allows you to turn off the noise and postpone the it-can-wait-and-should tasks of making life happen.

As I see it, there’s no better day to do this than the day after Thanksgiving, when the refrigerator is stuffed with leftovers, so you can easily cross cooking off your manifesto. Run with that and keep going. Let yourself do whatever the hell you want for at least the next 24 hours (unless you’re my husband, in which case you need to finish painting the bathroom… but that’s another post entirely).

That’s precisely what I did. While some wouldn’t be proud to admit what I’m about to, I have no qualms with reporting my activities for that day. I woke up, climbed out of bed (so hard), and engaged in one primary activity: Transferring my prone body from the bed to the sofa, gripping the remote (MINE) as if it were the only thing preventing me from falling off a tall bridge into a deep valley of settled concrete.

Once on the sofa, the only effort I exerted was pressing buttons—or rather, just one: The “last” button, so I could toggle between two stations while exerting the least amount of effort: Lifetime Television and Oprah’s OWN. (At one point, my poor husband wanted to check the score of some sporting event, and when he tried to take the remote, I screamed as if I were being dragged into a dark van.) Yup. It was a Dr. Phil marathon during the day, and a long string of Lifetime movies at night. And even though too many of them were about Christmas and not enough about people cheating, lying, stealing children, murdering, enjoying jail, escaping death, or bilking their loved ones out of millions of dollars (so much for the joy of the season), I endured.

Simply because I needed a break. And, if I’m to be totally honest: A little pop rock candy. Since getting a People Magazine, a National Enquirer, and even a bag of Chips Ahoys would have required me to actually bathe, shave, put on underwear, and leave the house, Dr. Phil, A Very Merry Toy Story, and some rice cakes from 2014 had to suffice.

Can I just say, even though I’m Jewish, it was glorious? Better than my own wedding—okay, maybe a close second—because let’s face it: Life is fast and hard. And it’s not every day you get the opportunity to drift in and out of sleep, gloriously bloated, drooling out the sides of your lipliner (okay, I did put on a little lipstick so as not to startle my husband into thinking there was a dead woman on his couch).

I mean, if we don’t sometimes stop and do this sort of thing for ourselves, who will? Our bosses? Our social media friends and fans? Our families? The people who insist on emailing and texting us ad nauseum, or even worse, CALLING us (gasp). No, no, we have to create everything-gone moments for ourselves. To let go for it—and, I mean for all of it. What’s the worst that could happen? Nothing. In fact, after 24 hours of watching mindless blither on Friday, I was so creative on Saturday, my fingers on the keyboard could hardly keep up with my brain.

So how about you? When was the last time you let go of everything? If it’s been a while, let go and get on it. That sofa isn’t going to lounge on itself!

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Jill Sherer Murray is an award-winning writer and speaker who studies creativity, relationships and self-growth. She is also the founder of Let Go For It®, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping individuals let go for a better life. Jill’s TEDx talk as well as her advice column, Big Wild Love: Let Go For It® were created in service to her loyal and growing fan base, who seek support in the act and the art of letting go for the love they desire and deserve. Follow Jill @letgoforit on TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

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