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Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and you were joyous and merry and all that crap. That you ate gobs of calorie-free chocolate, drank your way into a state of well-managed dehydration, lost fifteen pounds without even trying, found a windfall of cash in the seats of your car, and got into all sorts of legal trouble with friends that didn’t leave any visible or emotional scars.  

Here’s how I spent my Christmas vacation: Coughing, too tired, nauseous, congested, and too dizzy to do anything joyful or productive. Yep, gone were my fantasies of writing blogs and book chapters and Big Wild Love℠ columns during my one precious end-of-the-year week off from my day job. None of that happened.

Instead, I laid on the sofa, groaning, trying to remain steady in a spinning room (thanks post-nasal drip), stewing my own guilty juices, coughing up a lung, fighting with my own phlegm (sorry), cursing, and wondering why the universe was conspiring against me. Was I not supposed to be successful? To help people let go of holding onto the wrong stuff? Why was I being derailed, my efforts sabotaged by a highly disappointing immune system?

“Maybe it’s your body’s way of saying slow down,” said my husband. “After all, you’ve been working non-stop for most of the year.” He’s lucky I was too tired to elbow him in the gut or call a lawyer.

“Uh, no,” I said. “It’s a conspiracy. I’m not supposed to be successful. To write stuff. To help others. Why do I even bother?  Why is everything so HARD?!” Cue the shaky voice and a nose blow for dramatic effect.

“You’re right,” my social media strategist and red-headed sister from another mister, Denise, said after I recounted this theory to her in a text. “Give up. Life sucks,” she wrote back.

YES.  Eureka, yes. Quick, let’s put that in design and post on Facebook. (That may still be forthcoming, although she’s good at saving me from myself.)

Which brings me to this: Sometimes, you just need to lay around and whine that the shit stinks. Now, don’t get me wrong: I realize that, at the heart of all my self-pity was a good, old-fashioned cold. And that there are people out there with REAL problems—health-related and otherwise. But it didn’t matter. Last week, my life was just a long piece of dookie. Dong. Poo. A yule log. And there was nothing anybody could have done to convince me otherwise.

And that’s it. That’s my inspiring message of the week. Whether a cold has disrupted all of your plans for a joyful fucking holiday (oh, and let’s not forget my birthday, which I spent crying into a blanket full of dog hair, adding allergies to the mix) or your man won’t commit or your partner bought you a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Whatever. Every once in a while, you just need to lay flat on a warm surface and cry victim. Even if all you’ve got is the sniffles.

And then, you need to let go of that shit. And get your ass back in the saddle. Which is what I’m doing this week. Not gonna lie: I’m still a little bitter about having wasted ten days asking the universe why it hated me, when I could have been busy enjoying life more and cranking out work like Dunkin cranks out donuts, but okay. It’s over now.

I’m letting go and moving forward. Putting my big girl pants on and just doing it. Because sometimes, that’s what letting go is about. How about you? How’s your New Year going so far?

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Jill Sherer Murray is an award-winning writer and speaker who studies creativity, relationships and self-growth. She is also the founder of Let Go For It®, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping individuals let go for a better life. Jill’s TEDx talk as well as her advice column, Big Wild Love: Let Go For It® were created in service to her loyal and growing fan base, who seek support in the act and the art of letting go for the love they desire and deserve. Follow Jill @letgoforit on TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

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