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Dead end relationships. Relationships that may or may not be going anywhere. Should you stay in a relationship or not? Are you in a rut? These are questions and situations that most people have been in or you likely know someone who has been in these situations. On this show, my guest Jill Sherer Murray, and I will talk about these things and letting go. We also talk about “big wild love”. You aren’t going to want to miss this. We’re talking about how to get the relationship and the life you want…

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Questions We Discuss –

–Tell me your story, how did you come to start talking about letting go? What was the catalyst?

–What do you mean – things that aren’t serving us?

–What does it mean to let go?

–Why do so many people hang on? Why is it so hard for them?

–What are some of the more common things you see people holding onto?

–What is the one thing people need most in order to let go successfully?

–How can they get that?

–How can people let go?

–Is this a process that only applies to love, or can you use it for other things?

–How might people be able to let go in the face of recent events and the global pandemic?

–Tell us about your book… what inspired you to write it and how do you think it can most help people?

Big Wild Love – The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go

Amazon Print – https://www.amazon.com/Big-Wild-Love-Indestructible-Letting/dp/1631528521/

Amazon Kindle – https://www.amazon.com/Big-Wild-Love-Unstoppable-Letting-ebook/dp/B07VDNND8N/

Barnes & Noble Print – https://www.amazon.com/Big-Wild-Love-Unstoppable-Letting-ebook/dp/B07VDNND8N/

Barnes & Noble Nook – https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/big-wild-love-jill-sherer-murray/1133827597

Website – www.letgoforit.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/letgoforit

Twitter – https://twitter.com/letgoforit

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/letgoforit/

About Big Wild Love

Jill Sherer Murray lived in a dead-end relationship into her forties before she finally let it go. She was like millions of women who struggle with whether to stay in a loveless marriage, a bad relationship, or give up on dating altogether, believing love isn’t in the cards. You may be struggling with a similar decision yourself. Perhaps you’re terrified of being single, and yet you don’t truly feel you’re living the life you want.

With warmth and honesty, Murray shows you how letting go—of feeling stuck, afraid, and alone, and of believing what you’ve got is all you deserve—can free you from a life that isn’t serving you. She knows this is true, because she did it herself—and ultimately attracted the love and life she wanted. Through her story, other women’s stories, surprising facts and statistics, and helpful exercises, Big Wild Love will show you the way back to the self you’ve lost. It will put you on the path to change and teach you that, wherever you are, it’s never too late to start anew and find the Big Wild Love you deserve.

About Jill Sherer Murray

Jill Sherer Murray is a TEDx speaker, author, blogger, coach, and founder of Let Go For It®, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping individuals let go for a better life. She is also an award-winning journalist and communications leader who can trace practically every success she’s had in her career, love life, and more to letting go. Her TEDx talk, “The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go” has been viewed by more than one million people—a number that is currently growing by 30k each week. Murray also coaches and consults with business leaders on how to let go and communicate effectively. She spent a year studying improvisation comedy at the famous Second City Training Center in Chicago, and another five years writing a popular blog called Diary of a Writer in Mid-Life Crisis for Wild River Review. She also let go of just about everything to put her weight in Shape Magazine—twelve times—as part of a year-long assignment to document her weight loss journey for millions of readers.

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