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Need to remind yourself how letting go works? Here are some tips and tools to keep you going: In Jill’s blog, handouts, videos, and guest appearances on radio shows and podcasts, she’ll show you how to use the art of letting go as a practice to create a life you love. Using insights, observations, and stories gleaned from experience, research, and the six-step process she developed for letting go, she’ll give you the information you need to let go in your own life… for better love, work, relationships, friendships, health, purpose, inner peace, and more.

Let Go of Judgment: Five Questions That'll Get You There...

How do you let go of obsessing over other people’s choices?…

Tips for How to Let Go of Being Perfect

So this past weekend, I gave a talk at a really cool event for…

Holding onto a stale relationship because you're too old to start again? This might change your mind...

When I was in my thirties and early forties, I had a 12-year…

Let Go For It®: 13 Great Reasons to Let Go for Love After 40

If you’re contemplating letting go of a relationship…

Let Go For It®: I've Let Go for Love! Now What?

When I was 41, I let go of a relationship with a man I…

Let Go For It®: Let Go of Survivor's Guilt

Once upon a time, in what seems like another whole life,…

Let Go For It®: Let Go of the Hard Stuff

The other day I was scrolling through the cable guide on the…

Let Go For It®: Let Go of Worry

We love our dogs. We have two: A Golden Retriever/Border Collie…

Let Go For It®: Let Go of Feeling Happy All the Time

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday…




Let Go For It® On the Radio

PODCAST: How To Let Go For The Love And Life You Want: Jill Sherer Murray on Stupid Wise Girl

Episode 28: How To Let Go For The Love And Life You Want With…

PODCAST: Let Go For It®: Jill Sherer Murray with Kristen Harper

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ON THE AIR: Let Go For It®: Live Streaming on 100.5 WOW FM with Bianca Vlahos

Jill live streamed worldwide from Australia on January…

PODCAST: Let Go For It®: Healthy Gut, Healthy Lives Summit

Jill is going to be on another fabulous FREE summit starting May…

PODCAST: Let Go For It®: Make Love Not War Summit

It’s no secret that relationships are hard. They take…

Let Go For It® In The News

DIVORCE IN A BETTER WAY BLOG: Mastering the Art and Practice of Letting Go

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EPIPHANY: When Letting Go Leads to Love

As published by ELISE BALLARD AND JILL SHERER MURRAY in February,…

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