Millions of women struggle with being single, staying in a dead-end relationship, finding the healthy, happy love we deserve. Jill Sherer Murray gets it because she was there. After languishing in the wrong relationship for 12 years, Jill finally uncovered the key ingredient for moving forward successfully. Learn about her process for how to get unstuck to let go for the Big Wild Love you’ve always wanted. 


Let Go For It® Coaching

If you’re feeling stuck in some area of your life, whether it’s in love, your job, your friendships, or something else, it can feel overwhelming to figure out how to change things. Jill works to help you make the best decisions you can and go from surviving to thriving in the life you’re meant to live.

Letting Go Quick Start: Three months, six 50-minute sessions

Letting Go as a Practice: Six months, twelve 50-minute sessions

Let Go For It® Women’s Circle

Looking for a fun and fulfilling way to spend an evening with the girls? Jill leads you through an interactive experience about what it means to truly let go!

Circle One: Interactive discussion and exercises around the “Five Agreements” outlined in Jill’s TEDx talk.

Circle Two: Interactive discussion and exercises around the Six-Step Process Jill used to let go and find the life she wanted.

Let Go For It® Keynote

Looking for someone to speak at your event or organization to teach folks how to let go?

Whether they need help finding a more satisfying relationship or an effective way to succeed in business or wherever they’re struggling, Jill’s got them. Her proprietary six-step process will give them to tools they need so they can get unstuck. After hearing her speak, they’ll be empowered to let go successfully for better love, business, and life!

Like the TEDx talk but need more? Not sure whether to stay in a loveless marriage, a bad relationship, or give up on dating and love altogether, believing it’s just not in the cards Perhaps you’re terrified of being single, and yet you don’t truly feel you’re living the life you want. 

With warmth and honesty, Jill shows you how letting go—of feeling stuck, afraid, and alone, and of believing what you’ve got is all you’re worthy of—can free you from a life that isn’t serving you. Through her story, other women’s stories, surprising facts and statistics, helpful exercises, and a simple framework for moving forward, Big Wild Love will show you the way back to the self you’ve lost. It will put you on the path to change and teach you that, wherever you are, it’s never too late to start anew and find the Big Wild Love you deserve.

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“Jill Sherer Murray has put her writing practice, research, and lived experience together into a powerful and inspiring book. A compelling and instructive read!”

Natalie GoldbergAuthor of 15 books, including Writing Down the Bones and Let the Whole Thundering World Come Home

“Big, Wild Love comes out at the perfect time — when women are rising up and realizing their own worth. Sherer Murray’s book is a how to of self-reflection and self-love and lessons in how to move to a point of freedom, action and empowerment. Anyone who has been in a bad relationship or trying to figure out if theirs is fixable should read this book.”

Anita BuschLongtime Journalist and Victim’s Rights Advocate

“Jill takes you on her journey, as well as your own personal journey, of letting-go like your best girlfriend and pocket therapist all in one. Pull this book in close; it will change the way you think about your life forever.”

Jessica RinkerGloria Takes a Stand (Bloomsbury, 2019) and The Dare Sisters (Macmillan/Imprint, 2020, 2021)

Have you ever found yourself stuck? In life and love? Not sure how to get out? Feeling trapped and afraid, like the relationship you’re in is your only shot at love? That if you leave, you’re done? Nobody else will want you? That’s you’re not worthy of the healthy love you dream about? Have you ever asked yourself why you keep making the same mistakes over and over in relationship? If so, you’re not alone.

Jill Sherer Murray was there, until she realized how to use the act of letting go to get unstuck and become unstoppable in finding the healthy love she wanted. Jill let go of a dead-end relationship and reclaimed her life. Listen as she recounts her story of love, loss, and finding a new life. From navigating the challenges of an uncommitted boyfriend, to learning how to push past the fear that kept her stuck, Jill shares the five critical ways she let go to find the love and life she always wanted.

Named as one of the 5 Inspirational TED Talks Every Woman Needs to Watch by

“It’s been almost a year since I watched your talk and let go. I’ve grown and learned so much about myself. I’m forever grateful that I had the courage. I’m loving this new me more and more each day. Your TEDx talk is the one I keep coming back to. It’s truly empowering. A real game changer.” 


“Funny and smart!”

Lu Ann CahnTEDx Speaker Eight-Time Emmy Award Winning Journalist

“Jill Sherer Murray has the unique and enviable talent of telling the absolute, unflinching truth while making you laugh out loud. Her talk is insightful, engaging, relevant and timeless.”

Jonathan Maberry New York Times Best Selling Author

“Jill’s talk is of rare value and beauty as it provides a compass for living to the max, and a powerful key to personal liberation.”

Mark StevensNew York Times Bestselling Author

Big Wild Love® Advice Column

Wish you could have Jill on speed dial? Writing to her here may be the next best thing!

In her advice column, Jill is both your best girlfriend and pocket full of good counsel, answering your most pressing questions about what it takes to find and keep Big Wild Love with another person and, most importantly, with yourself.

In her practical and powerful answers to real-life questions, Jill educates and inspires. Her responses allow you and others to see the truth of any given situation. She teaches you how to understand and love yourself by embracing a well-curated set of empowered beliefs that leads to possibility, productive risk taking, more positive relationships, and a life that has meaning.

Read more and submit your question below!

Are you in a relationship that has you feeling stuck? Not sure whether to hold on or let go… or how? Ready to break up with your sofa and date the right way? If so, the Society of Big Wild Love is for you. Be part of the conversation around all things letting go for love!

Let Go For Better Business

Many businesses struggle to educate and engage audiences in a way that moves them closer to achieving their goals. While those tasked with the job of communicating may have the best of intentions, they often lack the two key things they need to be successful: The adequate internal resources (e.g., time, money, or staff) and/or professional expertise (e.g., they’re not communications specialists by trade). 

That’s where Jill Sherer Murray can help. 

A TEDx speaker and influencer, and an award-winning journalist, corporate communicator, author, blogger, consultant, and facilitator, Jill’s been honing her craft for decades—mastering the art and science of communications and progressive best practices to help companies get results. Some of the work she’s done for clients includes:

  • Educating employees on their benefits for Trion Group client companies 
  • Marketing to coaches, athletic trainers, sports nutritionists, physicians, and other key influencers for Gatorade. 
  • Developing co-worker communications for IKEA.
  • Delivering consumer-response training for PepsiCo.
  • Writing scripts for online learning for the former Hewitt Associates.
  • Writing a monthly column for the popular Shape Magazine. 
  • Developing internal brands for companies like Wawa and NFI Industries, to name a few. 
  • Writing content for websites like,, and 
  • And more!

Whether you want to drive awareness, sales, change, action, participation, or culture, Jill’s simple process for communicating effectively will help you get where you want to go. Allow her to show you her winning approach, so you can take your business results to the next level together.


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