Letting go can make you unstoppable. Jill Sherer Murray knows, because she let go of a relationship and reclaimed her life. She also knows that letting go can create the best of change for each and every one of you. Listen as she recounts her story of love, loss, and finding a new life. From navigating the challenges of an uncommitted boyfriend to learning how to push past the fear that kept her stuck, Jill shares the five critical ways she let go to find the life and love she always wanted.


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What are you holding onto…

…that’s getting in the way of having the life and love you want? And how’s that working for you?

For Jill Sherer Murray, it wasn’t. She lived quasi-blissfully in a dead-end relationship until a call from a friend changed everything and forced her to do the hardest thing she’d ever have to do in her entire life: Let go. With a whole lot of warmth and honesty, Jill shows you how letting go—of a relationship that’s not working, of feeling stuck and afraid, of feeling alone and not enough, of the madness, and of so much more—can free you from a life or love that just isn’t working. If you’re not sure where to start to create change or just need to know you’re not crazy, help has arrived!

What will you go for once you are armed with the Unstoppable Power of Letting Go?


Let Go For It® Consultation

A one-on-one session via Skype or telephone, this session is for people who are looking to achieve specific relationship goals. Whether you’re stuck in a relationship and don’t know how to get out, want to improve a current relationship but don’t know how, can’t find or keep a healthy relationship, or are looking for love and don’t want to make the same mistakes over and over again, Jill can help. She’ll guide you through the six-step process she used to let go to find the love you want and deserve.

Let Go For It® Women’s Circle

Looking for a fun and fulfilling way to spend an evening with others, while taking your love life to the next level? Then group session, with up to 12 participants, is an interactive experience around what it means to truly let go to have the healthy romantic love you want, no matter what your relationship goals. Jill will lead the group through a discussion and series of exercises around what letting go is—and what it isn’t—as well as the five key ways to let go featured in her popular TEDx talk, which has been seen by almost a quarter of a million people.

Let Go For It® Keynote: Letting Go

This funny, poignant, informative, and honest keynote helps people Let Go For It® to have the love they want in their lives. Whether married, single, divorced, or somewhere in between, there’s something in it for everybody. Audience members will members will leave with an understanding of how the practice of letting go can help them improve, end, or find healthy love by taking a journey inward, and create a plan that allows them to have the love they’ve always wanted—both with another person and even with themselves. Length: 40 minutes.

Jill Sherer Murray, award-winning journalist, marketing, blogger, and public speaker owns her incredible success to a secret she told on the TEDxWilmington stage. Her secret: The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go. In this podcast, professional executive speaker coach, Janice Tomich, asks Jill to share how she went from manifesting her dream of being on the TEDx stage to preparing for her TEDxWilmington talk, and then standing on the red circle.

Let Go For It® Podcast

“I’ve got to admit that this is one of the ‘funnest’ interviews I have done. In this interview, you’ll learn about the process Jill went through for her TEDx talk, how she needed to shorten her talk close to the event day, and how the art of letting go helped her handle what she calls ‘the best kind of stress.’”

– Janice Tomich

Feel like love is elusive? Jill gets you AND she’s got you. Her advice column Big Wild Love: Let Go For It® is about what it takes to find and keep the Big Wild Love we all want by answering your questions.

So what is Big Wild Love? It’s how you feel when you’ve pushed yourself to your potential, decided to forgive, to love, and to do it anyway. It’s you enjoying the right partner, your tulips, the cat, the dog, the blissful stillness, and the relief in knowing you backed up your hard drive. It’s that moment—where you can’t believe this is your life.

It’s standing in the red circle on the TEDx stage, sharing your most vulnerable truth: How Letting Go is the way out AND the way back. Jill’s practical Big Wild Love tips and insights will leave you feeling entertained and inspired to let go in your own life. Check it out! And submit your question below!


Jill’s got a powerful welcome message. Read it here and learn more about her new advice column!


What is your personal story of love and loss? What one, critical move has the power to change your life?


You now have a reason to hope—to think about how the practice of letting go can get you to your own relationship goals.


Looking for love or ways to let go? Send me your question and I’ll address it during one of my Big Wild Love Facebook Live episodes.


Jill Sherer Murray is a TEDx speaker and an award-winning journalist and communications leader who can trace every success in her career (and love life) to letting go. In her current role, she leads a team of creatives in developing education and marketing campaigns for a national consulting firm.  She currently writes an advice column called Big Wild Love: Let Go For It®.  

A writer, marketer, blogger, and speaker, Jill spent much of her career unleashing fresh new communications strategies to brands like Gatorade, Ikea, and Hewitt Associates. She spent a year studying improvisation comedy at the famous Second City Training Center in Chicago. And another five years writing a popular blog called “Diary of a Writer in Mid-Life Crisis” for www.wildriverreview.com. Jill also let go of just about everything to put her weight in Shape Magazine—12 times—as part of a year-long assignment to document her weight loss journey for six million readers.

Jill holds a Master of Science degree in Communications from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Temple University. She let go of city living to set down roots in the suburbs of Doylestown, PA, with her husband Dan, rescue dogs Winnie and Elvis, and way too many shoes. Her talk helps others realize what letting go really means—winning.

In Jill’s blog, you’ll read stories about how Jill let go to navigate the nuances of everyday living to create a life she loves. After leaving an unhappy relationship, she found herself in a whole new world. One that was far from perfect, but offered her newfound hope and a chance to have what she’s always wanted—a happy marriage, a budding career as a writer, and a growing sense of inner peace. In each article, Jill gets on the bumper cars of life, showing us how to use the art and practice of letting go with humor and grace to enjoy the ride.

Jill Sherer Murray boldly tackles subjects that matter to women of all ages. Through an honest, compelling, and funny narrative, she takes us on a journey of rebirth in mid life, asking the questions we all ask ourselves: What happens when we reach our forties and haven’t realized all the dreams of our twenties, like marriage, family, career? What happens when we must squarely face our mortality, dwindling fertility, and the fact that we don’t have forever to write that novel? Sherer Murray explores everything from leaving a life behind in Chicago and moving to a small town in Pennsylvania, entering the world of Internet dating, finding love, and then finding out that a relationship comes with baggage. Along the way, she builds a life, a community, and a family, writing about her experiences with grace, pathos, and yes, humor, illuminating for all her readers that realm we call midlife.

To read Jill’s full blog series, click here.

Welcome to My Website

Dear Friends: Hello and welcome to my website, where I am…

Big Wild Love: Let Go For It®: Solace for Still Suffering

Dear Jill, Your TEDx talk inspired me to let go, something…


Special Events. Keynotes. Book Readings. This is where you book “The Big.”

Armed with a life-changing story, a whole lot of warmth and honesty and what she calls “The Big”, Jill shows people how letting go can free them from a life or love that just isn’t working. With one-liners that make hard truths laugh-out loud funny, it’s no surprise that Jill rocks a background in comedic improv. But she is also bold enough to offer her listeners the most profound lessons of her life—whether from decades of painful dating or being in a dead-end relationship—including an epiphany that will serve any listener who has ever felt stuck and unable to move forward in a relationship with someone they love.  But audiences will not only learn how to Let Go For It® they will see how doing so can free them from an unfulfilling relationship with another person—they will take a whole new look at their relationship with themselves.


“Jill is a master storyteller.  She has this uncanny ability to see the human condition in all of its dimensions and weave and unfold stories that grab heart, mind and soul… and our funny-bone.  She captivates whether she’s speaking with us from the stage or from the page. Unafraid to be herself, tell her truth and rock her quirks, she invites us to do the same. Her down-to-earth-ness, cleverness and insatiable curiosity make you want to come closer and let her in… essential characteristics for a journalist, interviewer and confidante. She is one of those people who squeezes the juice out of life and… if you allow her… will take you with her.”

Susan SandlerLife Strategist | Speaker | Difference-Maker

“Jill Sherer Murray has the unique and enviable talent of telling the absolute, unflinching truth while making you laugh out loud. Her TEDx talk was insightful, engaging, relevant to just about everyone, and timeless. Brava!”

Jonathan MaberryNew York Times Best-Selling Author

“By sharing her life experiences through her vivacious personality, which she herself calls “The Big,” Jill effortlessly creates something we all desperately want: connection.”

Maureen HealyFormer Editor of Shape Magazine

“Jill’s talk is of rare value and beauty.  Rare because it provides a compass for living life to the max that is achievable for all. Beautiful because the lesson, the epiphany Jill provides, serves as an elegant and powerful key to personal liberation. Watching it is not an option.  It is a MUST.”

Mark StevensCEO of Marketing Firm MSCO, Inc. | New York Times Bestselling Author

“Funny and smart!!”

Lu Ann CahnTEDx Speaker, Eight-Time Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

“Wow, Jill, I just listened to your amazing TEDx talk and I’m so inspired! A beautiful speech well delivered – truly one of the best talks I’ve ever heard.”

Alisa Lippincott MorkidesTEDx Speaker | Entrepreneur

“Letting go, as painful as it can be, is empowering—and can open you up for what really should be in your life. Letting go has been a game-changer in my life. The TEDx talk, by my new friend Jill Sherer Murray, is on point and inspiring for those of us who need to make space.”

Mari Perry

“Jill, finally got to watch your Rock Star talk! I had tears in my eyes as you hit so many nerves as I too learned how to let go of a husband, a lifestyle which I thought was perfect and friends who probably weren’t making me a priority while I made them one. I now realize that life today is amazing. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom!”

Ilene Newborn Diamond

Ahhhh, I just watched your talk Jill for the 4th time…think I may be a RAVING fan! I will probably watch another 10! Unbelievable, truly. Every single moment was crafted with precision and expertise … and delivered with so much heart, soul, and love! You were just utterly amazing! Anyway I shared with my friend and she loved it too. Said she wants MORE OF YOU! Xoxo”

Marlyn Diaz

“I just watched your talk and it was wonderful – congratulations! I think most people can relate in one way or another. I had to let go of a marriage and the dream of an intact family and it was really hard to do, but it did lead to better things.”

Amy Spivack

“Wow, Jill, what an inspiring and heartfelt talk. The “Big” runs strong in us east coast girls and realizing (and accepting) that not everyone can handle “all this” (and be okay with that) was a definite “growing up” opportunity for me. It took a long time to get to the idea that most times someone else’s opinion of me is just none of MY business! Congrats on a successful, entertaining, engaging and thought provoking TEDx talk!”

Caryn Levin Cohen

“Very inspirational. Something that I needed to hear. I let go of my marriage a couple of years ago—life is too short to be let down time and time again. Thank you so much for your courage and strength!”

Claudia Cleary

“This talk moved me to tears. It had struck a deep chord, planted a seed that burst open recently after a major disappointment and my life two short months after your talk is completely different. Thank you for being you and sharing your story with a roomful of strangers!”

Alessandra Nicole

“Your video is poignant and comes at a great time for me. I was just remarking before seeing it how I’m looking forward to meeting the one I don’t have to let go of.  It’s a great story. I wrote down your five points in my journal.”

Elizabeth K. Kracht


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