About Jill


Jill Sherer Murray is a TEDx speaker, author, influencer, blogger, coach, and founder of Let Go For It℠, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping individuals let go for a better life and organizations let go for better business results. She is also an award-winning journalist and communications leader who can trace practically every success she’s had in her career, love life, and more to letting go.

Her TEDx talk, The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go has been viewed by millions of people on YouTube – and grows by the thousands each day. She wrote her popular book, Big Wild Love: The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go, for the many people who continue to reach out to her from all over the world for help and inspiration after seeing her TEDx Talk.  In it, she lays out her own story, along with her proprietary six-step process for letting go … in love, work, career, health, friendship, relationship, and anywhere else people may find themselves stuck. She also uses this process to coach private clients, and speaks frequently to the media as well as women’s, business, and other groups about how to apply this process and the power of letting go in their own lives.

Jill also coaches and consults with business leaders on how to let go of what’s standing between them and the results they want, with a focus on communications. Using decades of experience and expertise in strategy, execution, writing, facilitation, coaching, speaking, and leadership—and working with powerhouse brands like Gatorade, PepsiCo, IKEA, Wawa, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Trion, a Marsh & McLennan Group Agency, and NFI Industries, to name a few—she helps organizations achieve their desired business goals (e.g., more sales, engagement, retention, etc.) by educating, engaging, and motivating key audiences effectively.

Jill spent a year studying improvisation comedy at the famous Second City Training Center in Chicago, and another five years writing a popular blog called Diary of a Writer in Mid-Life Crisis for the popular online magazine Wild River Review, and so much more. She also let go of just about everything to put her weight in Shape Magazine—12 times—as part of a year-long assignment to document her weight loss journey for millions of readers.

Dear Friends:

Hello and welcome! I’m thrilled you’re here and can’t wait to share with you all I’ve come to know about what it takes to let go for love – and in all areas of your life. I’ve learned firsthand (often the hard way, sigh) that letting go is both the way out of a situation you don’t want to be in, and the way back the self you may have lost.

Let me ask you a question: Are you stuck? In a relationship that’s not working? The perpetual single life? With a partner who’s perfectly okay, but just not doing it for you? How about your job or career? Are you just going through the motions there, feeling stifled—or thinking you should just stay put even because, even though you’re bored, or have outgrown what you’re doing—it’s easy and familiar and safe? How about your friendships? Family relationships? Health? Mindset?

Do you find yourself in these places, holding onto things that are keeping you in a state of stagnation or flux? Or, worse yet, are you in a situation where you KNOW you need to do something: Move on, let go.  But you’re just, well, not…

If any of this sounds familiar, I’ve got you! I’m all about helping people let go of what’s not serving them, so they can free up space for what does. Yep, that means having the love, job, friendship, health and life you always wanted – instead of whatever you may be settling for. I know how to let go because I’ve done it successfully in my own life — over and over and over again. And I can’t wait to show you how the magic happens.

On this website, you’ll find all sorts of tips and tools to help you not only understand what it means to let go (hint: it’s not about succumbing to a job you don’t love by trying to convince yourself it’s awesome, or skydiving for that matter), but to actually do it.

Yes!!!! The HOW.

I’m talking about tip sheets, advice columns, an online self-study course, podcasts, videos, book nuggets, articles, and so much more. And when you subscribe to my list, you get weekly emails from moi with ongoing tidbits, previews of new stuff, and actual exercises you can work through to help you let go in real time…

Here’s the thing: The stakes are high. I say this in my TEDx Talk which, if you haven’t seen it, you absolutely must start there: Let go of not yet. We are not here forever, folks. And wouldn’t it be a shame to waste precious time holding onto what is not bringing you joy… or contributing to a life you can love most?

Instead, let me help you let go – with grace and intention—so you can create space in your heart, mind, and life for all that you desire… and deserve. And if you don’t believe what you want is possible or that you’re worthy, man alive, am I glad you’re here! In the nick of time, as they say…

In fact, I’m glad you’re ALL here. I invite you to share your thoughts with me. What are the top three things you need to let go of right now? How can I help? Send me a note and let me know. I’m here for you and rooting for you!

Your letting go advocate and coach,


“Jill is a master storyteller.  She has this uncanny ability to see the human condition in all of its dimensions and weave and unfold stories that grab heart, mind and soul… and our funny-bone.  She captivates whether she’s speaking with us from the stage or from the page. Unafraid to be herself, tell her truth and rock her quirks, she invites us to do the same. Her down-to-earth-ness, cleverness and insatiable curiosity make you want to come closer and let her in… essential characteristics for a journalist, interviewer and confidante. She is one of those people who squeezes the juice out of life and… if you allow her… will take you with her.”

“By sharing her life experiences through her vivacious personality, which she herself calls “The Big,” Jill effortlessly creates something we all desperately want: connection.”

“Wow, Jill, I just listened to your amazing TEDx talk and I’m so inspired! A beautiful speech well delivered – truly one of the best talks I’ve ever heard.”

“Letting go, as painful as it can be, is empowering—and can open you up for what really should be in your life. Letting go has been a game-changer in my life. The TEDx talk, by my new friend Jill Sherer Murray, is on point and inspiring for those of us who need to make space.”

“Jill, finally got to watch your Rock Star talk! I had tears in my eyes as you hit so many nerves as I too learned how to let go of a husband, a lifestyle which I thought was perfect and friends who probably weren’t making me a priority while I made them one. I now realize that life today is amazing. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom!”

Ahhhh, I just watched your talk Jill for the 4th time…think I may be a RAVING fan! I will probably watch another 10! Unbelievable, truly. Every single moment was crafted with precision and expertise … and delivered with so much heart, soul, and love! You were just utterly amazing! Anyway I shared with my friend and she loved it too. Said she wants MORE OF YOU! Xoxo”

“I just watched your talk and it was wonderful – congratulations! I think most people can relate in one way or another. I had to let go of a marriage and the dream of an intact family and it was really hard to do, but it did lead to better things.”

“Wow, Jill, what an inspiring and heartfelt talk. The “Big” runs strong in us east coast girls and realizing (and accepting) that not everyone can handle “all this” (and be okay with that) was a definite “growing up” opportunity for me. It took a long time to get to the idea that most times someone else’s opinion of me is just none of MY business! Congrats on a successful, entertaining, engaging and thought provoking TEDx talk!”

“Very inspirational. Something that I needed to hear. I let go of my marriage a couple of years ago—life is too short to be let down time and time again. Thank you so much for your courage and strength!”

“This talk moved me to tears. It had struck a deep chord, planted a seed that burst open recently after a major disappointment and my life two short months after your talk is completely different. Thank you for being you and sharing your story with a roomful of strangers!”

“Your video is poignant and comes at a great time for me. I was just remarking before seeing it how I’m looking forward to meeting the one I don’t have to let go of.  It’s a great story. I wrote down your five points in my journal.”

“I’ve got to admit that Jill’s is one of the ‘funnest’ interviews I have done, learning about the process Jill went through for her TEDx talk, how she needed to shorten her talk close to the event day, and how the art of letting go helped her handle what she calls ‘the best kind of stress.’”